A streamlined website experience without the agency price tag

My main differentiator?

The annoying truth: Your website needs visuals AND words to be effective. Why spend $3,000+ on a copywriter and $5,000+ on a designer (with zero communication or collaboration) when you could get both under one roof for less?

After four years of running my own copywriting business, I decided to offer web design too because I saw a "Micah-Sized" gap in the market:

How the heck did we get here?!

Incredibly beautiful AND well-written websites for creative small business owners.

After writing for 100+ clients, I grew tired of the lack of genuine collaboration between copywriters and designers—competing project visions, priorities, and expectations.

I designed my own site from scratch and soon others started asking me to design theirs. Lightbulb moment! I could build a business that filled the gap I so desperately needed but couldn't find: Stunning websites with effective words for creative small business owners who don't want to act as project manager, too!

I build websites that are:


Fully customized to your business


Conversion-focused for more sales


Easy to edit and navigate yourself


Fun (and important) Facts

I have a degree in creative writing from Pepperdine University. Go Waves!

Fun (and important) Facts

I'm a wife and mama to an adorable little boy with strawberry blonde hair.

Fun (and important) Facts

I'm from LA but have lived in Germany, Texas, and now Connecticut. Whew!

"Micah wrote all my website copy and my business has tripled ever since I launched. She also writes the copy for most of my clients and we always have incredible results."

–Natalia Gaitan, Power Up Brand Design

You may have heard me around the creative small business-sphere 


From workshops to podcast interviews, I've been spreading the copy x design gospel since 2020. 

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I don't mess around when it comes to

My Core Values

Generosity of time and spirit

It pays to be kind

Follow up, follow through

Listen to understand first, not to fix